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GML carries a large inventory of new electronic parts, not only for our manufacturing purposes, but also as a source for our customers to obtain some hard to find parts needed to build their layouts.  While this page is still under construction, the pictures below represent some of these parts.

Order theses parts for your layout

#TS-1: Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, 5 amp, 1/4" shaft. ($1.69)
#TS-2: Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, center-off, 5 amp, 1/4" shaft. ($1.79)
#TS-3: Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, center-off, 6 amp, 1/4" shaft. ($2.39)
#TS-4: Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, 6 amp, 1/4" shaft. ($2.29)
#TS-5: Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, Spring Return/Center-off, 1/4" shaft. ($2.29)
#TS-6: Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, Spring Return/Center-off, 1/4" shaft. ($2.39)
#SW2x6SL: Block Select Switch, 2 pole, 6 position, 3 amp contacts. ($4.69)
#PK-1: Pointer Knob for SW2x6SL. ( L=1.25"x D=.75") ($1.98)
#PK-2: Pointer Knob ( L=1.38"x D=.75") (Not Available)
#PB-1B: Push-Button Switch, Black cap. ($0.75)
#PB-1R: Push-Button Switch, Red cap. ($0.75)
#FS-1: Fuse, 1 Amp, Normal blow. ($0.29)
#FS-4: Fuse, 4 Amp, Normal blow. ($0.29)
#FS-7: Fuse, 7 Amp, Normal blow. ($0.19)
#SB-1: Fuse, 4 Amp Slo-blow. ($0.98)

Supporting parts for GML Throttles

#JK-3: Remote Jack, 3-Wire, 1/4".  For WA-7 & RO-3 Series. ($1.98)
#W3-22: Wire, 3 conductor, 22 ga. stranded. (Use with #JK-3). ($.39 per foot)
#W2-22: Wire, 2 conductor, 22 ga. stranded, twisted pair. (Use to wire Fast Clocks) ($.30 per foot)
#MK-10: Microphone Button hanging device for back of hand control. Use #MH-2. ($2.00)
#MH-2: Hand control holder for layout. (use with #MK-10). ($1.25)

MORE  PARTS: (No Photos)
#L1-R: L.E.D., Red Defused, T13/4 Size, 5/32" Dia. ($0.15)
#L2-R: L.E.D., Red Defused, T1 Size, 1/8" Dia. ($0.17)
#D-1: Diode, 1 Amp, Type 1N4001. ($0.08)
#D-2: Diode, 3 Amp, Type 1N5401. ($0.19)
#EXT-25: Coiled Cord, Hi Quality, 25 Feet, 1/4" Stereo Plug & Jack. ($9.95)
#TS-5: Mini Toggle Switch, SPDT, Spring Return to center-off, 1/4" Shaft. ($2.29)
#TS-6: Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, Spring Return to center-off, 1/4" Shaft. ($2.39)
**Ask us about other parts that you may need.  We do have or we can obtain many different, and sometimes hard to find, electrical and/or electronic parts. 

Please place your order by calling 248-628-4445, or by mailing your order to the address at the bottom of this page, or send an E-mail by clicking on the following link.  We honor Visa or MasterCard, and accept Checks or Money Orders.

Click here to order via e-mail.

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