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The photo's below offer a display of the throttle accessories and supporting items that can be ordered to enhance your layouts control system.
#TRX-4 = (3.4 Amp Transformer w/Cord)
#TRX-6.2 = (6.25 Amp Transformer w/Cord)

Click to Download TRX-4 Installation Sheet

Click to Download TRX-6.2 Installation Sheet


Throttle Support Items

#TRX-4: Transformer w/Power cord. 16 volts. For 3 amp systems. ($25.95)
#TRX-6.2: Transformer w/Power cord. 16 volts. For 4 & 6 amp systems. ($30.95)
#JK-3: Remote Jack, 3-Wire, 1/4".  For WA-7 & RO-3 Series. ($1.98)
#W3-22: Wire, 3 conductor, 22 ga. stranded. (Use to wire #JK-3 jacks). ($.39 per foot)
#W2-22: Wire, 2 conductor, 22 ga. stranded, twisted pair. (Use to wire Fast Clocks) ($.30 per foot)
#MK-10: Microphone Button device for back of hand control.(Includes Hdwe.) ($2.00)
#MH-2: Hand control holder, attach to layout. (use with #MK-10). ($1.25)

                    HOW TO ORDER  
Please place your order by calling 248-628-4445, or by mailing your order to the address at the bottom of this page, or send an E-mail by clicking on the following link.  We honor Visa or MasterCard, and accept Checks or Money Orders.

Click here to order via e-mail.

Fascia Plates with 1, 2 or 3 Stereo Jacks (#JK-3)
#CL-1 Constant Lighting w/Rechargeable Ni-Cad
For Caboose & Passenger Car Lighting

#HC-7PB: Hand control w/brake on left
#HC-7: Hand control w/o brake on right

#FP-1: Fascia Plate with 1 - #JK-3 Remote jack installed. w=2.6", h=2.1" ($5.95)
#FP-2: Fascia Plate with 2 - #JK-3 Remote jacks installed. w=5.5", h=2.1" ($8.95)
#FP-3: Fascia Plate with 3 - #JK-3 Remote jacks installed. w=5.5", h=2.1" ($10.95)
#FP-4: Fascia Plate with 4 - #JK-3 Remote jacks installed, not pictured. w=6.75", h=2.1" (13.95)
#CL-1: Constant Lighting Circuit, with rechargeable Ni-Cad battery. Light stays on after track power is gone. Use for caboose and passenger car lighting. ($16.95)
#HC-7PB: Extra hand control only, adj. momentum, Push B. Brake. ($62.95)
#HC-7: Extra hand control only, adj. momentum, w/o Brake. ($57.95)
#BA-7: Walkaround Throttle Base Unit Only. ($71.95)

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