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A two (2) unit system that consists of a Base Unit, which is flush mounted in your control panel or benchwork. Plus an extremely lightweight and small Hand Control that is tethered to the base unit. This tether is via a 10 foot, three (3) conductor, Coiled Cord permanently attached to the base unit in the standard model, or the available Plug & Jack option allows remote tether locations. This versatility allows the operator to move around a layout, town, or yard area in order to follow the trains movement.

Model #RO-3
Shown with Plug&Jack and PB Brake Options

  MODEL # RO-3 BASIC PRICE = $59.95
                AVAILABLE OPTIONS
#ADM-1: Adjustable Momentum. A thumbwheel adjustment located in the hand control to dial in the desired delay from zero to maximum. ($9.50).
#PB-3: Push-Button Brake. Constant or "pulsed" depression will create the desired deceleration rate.  Upon release the engine will return to the speed control setting at an acceleration rate set by the momentum. ($8.00).
#PJ-1: Plug & Jack Option. The hand control now plugs into the Base unit or any number of remote jacks via a 1/4" stereo plug.  The engine will stop and/or remain stopped if the hand control is unplugged. ($9.95).
#PL-1: Adjustable Pulse Option. Operator adjustable pulse injection on the DC output level from zero to maximum.  This option provides the BEST "N" SCALE start-up performance possible, with any and all engines and/or operator preferences. ($19.95).
#SS-2: Speed Select. A 2 position switch in the hand control to select a Full Or Half range for the speed control knob sensitivity.  Suggested with the #PL-1 option if slow prototype start-ups and operations are desired. ($9.00).
#RO-4A: 4 Amp Option. Increased the output capacity from 3 Amps to 4 Amps.  ($14.95).
#EXTx2: Double Length Cord. Increases the coiled cord length from 10 to 20 feet.  ($9.00).

* Powerful 3 amp (plus) output
* Smooth and realistic speed control
* Reverse switch with center-off position
* DC indicator that varies in brightness relative to track voltage
* Power On indicator, which also dim's to show a track short
* Automatic circuit shutdown if a prolonged overload exist on the track
* Input power required: 12 to 18 volts AC
* Use a spare or discarded power pack or a transformer such as GML's #TRX-4
* Simple flush mounting installation
* Versatile list of options to allow you to design your throttle to your specifications

            Physical Dimensions:
Base Unit: H=3.50", W=5.50", D=3.88"
Hand Control: H=3.94", W=2.19", D=1.19"

Also included is a FIVE (5) YEAR (Parts and Labor) WARRANTY, plus a 30 day "no questions asked" return policy if not totally satisfied with the performance, quality, value or "feel" of this great throttle.

                      ORDER NOW
Design your throttle to meet your operational requirements.  Select the desired options from the column on the left.  Then compute the total cost, by adding the option price(s) to the Basic Price of $56.95. 

Please review the "Throttle Accessories" page before placing your order.

                    HOW TO ORDER  
Please place your order by calling 248-628-4445, or by mailing your order to the address at the bottom of this page, or send an E-mail by clicking on the following link.  We honor Visa or MasterCard, and accept Checks or Money Orders.

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