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This throttle is a two (2) unit system that consists of a Base Unit, which is flush mounted in a control panel or the benchwork. Plus an extremely lightweight and small Hand Control that is plugged into the base unit, or into any number of remote jacks placed around your layout. This versatility allows the operator to move around a layout in order to follow the trains movement, without stopping or changing the speed of the train.

Model #WA-7PB
Includes a Push-Button Brake

                  MODELS AVAILABLE
MODEL #WA-7PB: A two unit system which includes a base unit, plus a hand control with a push-button brake(as pictured above). Plus all models include the features listed on the right. ($139.95)
MODEL #WA-7: Same as the WA-7PB, but without the Push-Button Brake. ($134.95) 
MODEL #WA7-4PB: A 4 Amp version of the 3 amp WA-7PB. ($159.95)

          Physical Dimensions:
Base Unit: H=3.50", W=5.50", D=3.75"
Hand Control: H=3.94", W=2.19", D=1.19"
                   HOW TO ORDER  
Please place your order by calling 248-628-4445, or by mailing your order to the address at the bottom of this page, or send an E-mail by clicking on the link on the right.  We honor Visa or MasterCard, and accept Checks or Money Orders.

* Total Walkaround Capabilities
* Memory For Speed & Direction
* Adjustable Momentum
* Prototype Speed Control
* Power On/Off Switch
* Power On Indicator
* Resettable Circuit Breaker
* Overload Indicators
* Track Voltage Indicator
* Solid State Design (No Relays)
* Quality 10 Foot Coiled Cord
* 1/4" Stereo Plug and Jacks
* Center-Off Direction Switch
* Fused Input Protection
* 3 Amp Output Standard
* Simple Flush Mounting Install
* Input power required: 12 to 18 volts AC
* Versatile List of Models and Options

Model #PL-1: Operator adjustable pulse option for Best N scale startups. ($19.95)
Model #PL-2: Dual adjustable pulse option for N scale and/or older HO engines. ($22.95)
Model #SS-2: Speed Select Option with 2 speed ranges.  Use with pulse options. ($9.00)
Model #MK-10: Microphone button device for hanging the hand control. ($2.00)
Model #MH-2: Hand control holder to attach to layout (Use with MK-10). ($1.25)

Click here to order via e-mail.

Please review the "Throttle Accessories" page before placing your order.

Click to Download 3 Amp Installation Sheet

Click to Download 4 Amp Install Sheet

Also included is a FIVE (5) YEAR (Parts and Labor) WARRANTY, plus a 30 day "no questions asked" return policy if not totally satisfied with the performance, quality, value or "feel" of this great throttle.
GML Enterprises* 3311 Thomas Rd.* Oxford, Mi 48371* 248-628-4445