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With the installation of this unique system, realistic fast clock operating sessions are now possible.  This system design is for one (1) clock controller unit (Model #FC-6) and up to six (6) remote analog clock units (Model #CLK-x).
This CONTROLLER/REMOTE approach allows the installation of the controller in your dispatch panel and placement of a minimum of 2 and up to 6 remote units anywhere on your  layout.  This ensures that ALL operators can view the current time in order to maintain your timetables.

Model #FC-6 Fast Clock Controller Unit

                 MODELS AVAILABLE

#FC-6 Clock Controller: One unit required to control 2 to 6 remote clock units. Includes 6 selectable time ratio's, run and hold selections, plus a 1 second indicator. The included wall transformer with 6 foot cord provides power for the entire system.  A Battery operated version is available for our overseas customers that have 240 volt house power. W=5.5" x H=3.5" x D=1.2".  ($84.95)

#CLK-4B/W: A 4.5 inch diameter remote analog clock with rich looking black on white designed face enclosed by a high quality hinged glass bezel.  Panel mounting. W=5" x  H= 5", or H=6.5 if #RT-1.  ($54.95)

#CLK-6B/W: Same as above #CLK-4B/W, but the diameter is larger at 6.25 inches.  W=8" x H= 10".  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY:  Please request a quote.

#CLK-7R or B: A larger (7" dial) round plastic wall clock vs. the hinged brass & glass bezel.  Red or Blue plastic frame diameter = 8.5".  ($35.95).

#CLK-14BLK: A big 14" diameter round "Schoolhouse" type clock.  12" dial, black plastic frame w/clear plastic lens.  ($54.95)

#CLK-REG: Regulator Fast Clock, 7.5" black on white dial with gold accents.  Working pendulum.  Rich looking mahogany finish cabinet. W=11.5" x H=19" x D=3.25".  ($89.95)

#RT-1 Real Time Option: This provides switchability from fast mode to real time mode for each #CLK-4, or #CLK-6.  Not available on the controller nor any other clock models.  ($12.00)

Click for photo's of CLK-REG, CLK-14BLK and CLK-6BW


* Six (6) selectable time ratio's:
  Standard= 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 12:1, and (F/F)
   For $12.00 you can substitute 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 or 5:1,
   which provides you a choice of any 6 ratio's.
* The F/F position is used as a Fast Forward.
   (to set the start time for next session.)
* Flashing LED indicator per second of fast time.
* RUN and HOLD selector switch.
* Several model choices and options available.
* Solid State Design and Easy installation.
* 120 volt AC required for Controller unit only.
* A battery operated system is also available.
* Simple flush mounting in your control panel.
* Clocks wired to controller via 2 low voltage wires.
* Clocks max. distance from controller = 230'.
* FIVE (5) YEAR Parts & Labor WARRANTY on the clock controller & two years on the remote clock units.
* 30 Day Return Policy if not totally satisfied.

Model #CLK-7R = Red or #CLK-7B = Blue
Frame = 8.5 inch & Dial = 7 inch

                OPTIONAL FACE
A free option is available that replaces the black & white face with an etched graphics design face.  To view this design, go to the "More Clocks" page and scroll to the bottom right.  Just remove the B/W suffix when ordering the graphics design version. Available for the #CLK-4B/W & #CLK-6B/W only.

                  HOW TO ORDER  
Please place your order by calling 248-628-4445, or by mailing your order to the address at the bottom of this page, or send an E-mail by clicking on the following link.  We honor Visa or MasterCard, and accept Checks or Money Orders.

GML Enterprises* 3311 Thomas Rd.* Oxford, Mi 48371* 248-628-4445