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Narrative description of the GML throttle options follows:


The Model # WA-7PB has a push-button on the hand control that decelerates the engine at a constant and pre-determined deceleration rate as long as you hold the button depressed.  Upon release of the push-button the engine speed will accelerate to the speed control setting at an acceleration rate that is determined by the operators setting of the adjustable momentum.  "Pulsing" this push-button will vary the braking rate to the operators liking.  One hand operation of all the controls on this hand unit is very easy and comfortable. This feature is also available as Model # PB-6 for use with GMLs 6 Amp Walk Around Throttles and as #PB-3 with the RO3 Series Throttles.
Model # PL-2;  Adjustable (Dual) Pulse Option: (WA-7 Series Only) This option offers the Model Railroader almost excessive flexibility to select and adjust the DC/pulse waveform that will provide the optimum start up characteristics for any and all types of engines.  Also, the personal desires and idiosyncrasies of  different operators can be obtained via the wide selection and adjustment range of this option.  This option provides a 3 position switch, plus an adjustment knob. The center switch position is the Pulse Off mode and all throttle operations are normal. (*) The switch #1 position activates a low level pulse injection on the DC output.  This pulse will gradually disappear as the DC level is increased.  The pulse amplitude and the point that the pulse disappears is Operator adjustable, from Minimum to Maximum.  This pulse #1 shape and adjustability provides the BEST "N" scale start ups possible. The switch #2 position injects a much stronger pulse on the DC output.  This pulse is also adjustable as described above for switch #1, but at a higher threshold.  This pulse #2 and its adjustability is designed to enhance the start up characteristics of poorer quality or older engines with open frame motors.
Model # PL-1;  Adjustable Pulse Option: (WA-7 or RO-3 Series) This option provides a single adjustable pulse versus the dual #PL-2 option as described above.  The characteristics of this pulse are identical to the #1 switch position as described above. (*)  NOTE: Because of the wide flexibility range of these 2 pulse options, it is suggested that you experiment with the different settings with a variety of engines so that you have a good feel for the effects that you desire.  A good starting point is to place an engine on a level straight section of track, select pulse #1 at the minimum setting, then turn the speed control up to the point that you want the engine to start moving.  Now adjust the pulse amplitude up from minimum until the engine begins to "creep", then back off just enough to stop creeping.  Repeat this process in the opposite direction. Play and enjoy!
Model # SS-2;  Full & 1/2 Speed Select: (WA-7 or RO-3 Series) This option offers a 2 position switch in the hand control to select which range the operator wants the speed control knob to respond to.  The FULL position is normal and provides the maximum speed obtainable. The 1/2 speed position provides a little more than one-half the output voltage at any setting of the speed control knob.  This effectively decreases the sensitivity of the speed control knob and provides more effective control and "FEEL" at start up and slower speeds.  This option is designed for the "N" scale modeler who is running quality engines with the #PL-1 or #PL-2 pulse option and enjoys slow prototype operations.

Added 12-21-04
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